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  • John Winston Ono Lennon

Who Was John Lennon?

The easy answer to who was John Lennon (October 9, 1940 – December 8, 1980) is that he was a member of the 1960s music group the Beatles.  Other facts that people might add was that he was murdered by a crazed fan on December 8, 1980 in front of his New York City apartment while his wife, Yoko Ono, stood by in horror.  The single, “Imagine,” is one of the most recognized and recorded rock song in history and throughout the world.

John on the Beatles Rooftop Concert:

John’s song about Yoko, “Don’t Let Me Down,” on the rooftop of Apple Records.

It was John who had spoke the famous last line on Rooftop Concert, which was incorporated into the Let It Be album and film:

“I’d like to say, thank you on behalf of the group and ourselves and I hope we passed the audition,” followed by laughter.

So who was John Lennon?  John was born on October 9, 1940 in Liverpool, England to Julia and Alfred Lennon.  The boy’s middle name, Winston, was in honor of the then Prime Minister of England, Winston Churchill.   John was raised primarily by his Aunt Mimi and Uncle George, due to his parent’s unsettled lifestyle.  Later, John would lose his mother permanently when she was hit by a car and killed when John was only 17.

He was married twice – first to Cynthia Lennon and then to Yoko Ono.  His first marriage brought him a son, the now well known singer-songwriter and photographer Julian Lennon (b. April 8, 1963).  Sean Lennon was born to Yoko on October 9, 1975 (note on the same day as his dad).

During the late 1960s John and Yoko became politically active, hanging out with political radicals against the Vietnam War.  The slogan, “Give Peace A Chance” was born from these activities.  Some of these activities were used as evidence to try to deport Lennon, whose visa had expired.  John & Yoko campaigned against the deportation and was finally granted U.S. Resident status on July 4, 1976.  John would have been eligible for full citizenship in 1981 had he lived.

John Lennon was inducted, posthumously in 1991.  The presenter of the award was Paul McCartney.

In addition to the three Beatles films, (A Hard Day’s Night, Help! and A Magical Mystery Tour) John did have a leading role in a Richard Lester Film called, “How I Won the War,” which was released in 1967.

John’s solo albums include the following and can be purchased by clicking on the name:

“Who Was John Lennon?” was written by Brenne Meirowitz, BA, MA, MS.
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